well...its a bit tough for me

I need to parallerize computing task, but for me, it is not easy; it takes almost whole day but I could not see any progress. So much tired, but little progress. I will skip this then realize another part of system that create sound. News said reiny season has started, but I remember we have laready in rainy season, it was my day-dream? For me, it hot and feel difficult to sleep all night, sometime I woke up feeling hot. どうしても並列処理が必要になって,丸一日かかるけどあまり進まず,疲弊.この部分の実装に手を焼く.とりあえず,この部分をスキップして音響をクリエイションするパートの実装を始めることにするか.今日から梅雨?でも,ずっと前に梅雨入りと報道があったように記憶しているけど.最近,寝苦しくて夜半に起きてしまう.