Reunion with my computational living things

I have been to a forest in the early morning. Calm, quiet, and birds are singing. When I reconsidered a simple matter that they collaborated on, the forest came up as an existence. A forest is a living thing composed of plenty of creatures, there is no one, who deprive all resource.  How about our humans? There are plenty of dictators that have been trying to steal all things, including natural resources.  On this planet, our humans are young and rude. Coronavirus is surely man-made, and it is causing devastating damages to ourselves. This stupid deed apparently violates the law of this planet. 

I realized again that My Mission is to show a way to collaborate with nature by opening up a novel science of Natural Computing. Sound creatures is a "kick-off" to start this mission. 

I do not care whether my activities are science or art; it is totally ridiculous to divide them; no one can separate science and art; they are the same.  I will realize creatures in cyberspace that can mediate humans and nature, which will be my next work. I reconstruct computational living things; the last time I met them was almost 20 years ago. They are still alive as an algorithm; all I have to do first is recall them into cyberspace.  And I will give them energy and voice; I am looking forward to seeing them again!