humid days

Typical humid days, one day is hot and humid, the other day a bit cooler. Likewise weather, my activations are also up and down; everything goes well in one day, totally stuck on different days. Especially, now I am writing wired mathematic paper, which I have developed these days, from scratch. Suddenly, I feel I am doing foolish things, but I cannot just "retrieve" from it; it adheres to my daily life, I cannot escape from thinking of it. So I cannot back to continue to create a sound creature these days. Ishii san, send us to the Butoh score of the performance; when I took a bath, I was thinking about the  Butoh score; it is the form of energy, so how about using it to make an atmosphere with sounds. 梅雨だ.蒸し暑かったり,肌寒かったり.私の活動も進歩と停滞を繰り返している.ここ数日,奇妙な数学の論文を書いている.突然,ものすごく馬鹿げた論文の気がしてすべて投げ出したくなる.だが,そいつは,私の生活にへばりついてしまってて逃れることができない.おかげでsound creatureの製作は止まったままだ.石井さんからパフォーマンスでつかう舞踏譜が送られてきた.舞踏譜とはエネルギーの形だよな..って風呂に入りながら思った.