I have another things have to do ... I left them and concentrated this issume for few days .. and it is not easy and taking a lot of time and imagination; creating new a kind of math.. i made it  i think but not knowing my math. will grow up in richer world or just proor; i cannot know now, anyway I did it so I transform into documents as paper for few weeks. so i did not take time to care of my sound creatures. I made a kind of "baby" and confirm the system can work... so how to grow the baby. This time, as pssible as I can, I hate to escape with a stupid words "Ah.. this is an art so .. " like ;< ちょっと他にやることがあったもので,数日間はそれにかかりきりになってた.一種の数学みたいなもんをこしらえる作業.まぁ..なんとかでっち上げてできてきた.あとはこれを論文という名前のドキュメントにせねばらなん.それには数週間またかかっちまうんだけどね.そんなことで,わがsound creatureのお世話はここ数日間はできていない.まぁ..赤ちゃん..みたいなものができて,それがまぁ...動くことを確認できているので,あとはそれをどうするか.今回は,エンタメとして面白くないと,やっている意味がないと思うので..できるだけ「表現でござい」と逃げたくない.

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