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The day before the health check, we cannot eat/drink after 9 PM; I was empty the following day and got a health check. I did not have drink for health check, I had sake and went to bed very early... and woke up at midnight with  feeling of something uncomfortableness ... I went out from a bed, but nothing to do, it is still 2:30 am. I back to watch the Korean movie "Default", last night I saw then daybreak...well, I was still not sleepy. Definitely, I want to go to bed again If I can, but cannot so  I consider about my wired mathematic... I struggled a bit; then after all, I realised it would taking too much time and will not finish before the deadline. I want to show some "fingerprints" using this wired mathematics, but I could not find out yet. 

On the weekend, my Mac has died during the upgrade to sir, Big surf OS; I just followed the instruction that Apple says, and the PC has gone and got lost. Anyhow, I could fix and back to normal, but it takes a tremendous amount of time and energy ;<. I .... have a lot of things should do, of course, I should create a sound for the performance with Mr. Ishii. OMG, I have almost 30 days to go. My idea of using the Life game I have implemented; however, the sound itself is not attractive. So I am facing difficulties as usual. And also, every time question has been coming up, "I am an entirely outside artist, I never trained as visual or sound art. I hate a scientist who behaves like an artist, and now I am such a scientist. OMG!

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