A person is what the person thinks about all day long

The day after the health check day, I was working in my room, and I thought I was uncomfortable with my condition, tinnitus and dizziness when I walked out of the space in the evening. It isn't enjoyable, but finally, I realized this is what I wanted to. I found that I tried to turn myself to hear the tinnitus and have dizziness, which forms a "feedback loop" and enhanced. Every step, I felt dizzy, but I can walk, and I can dodge people in a crowd, which means my brain function and body movements planned by the brain are no problem. My mental activities cause tinnitus and dizziness. While I consider mathematics, when I got a good idea or training very hard, I "forgot" to hear tinnitus; however, I stuck difficulties (now is the time, in fact, so I am writing this ;>) or doing nothing, I hear tinnitus. Also, while walking in a room and going to the toilet or kitchen, I never feel any dizziness, which means I 'forgot' to feel dizziness. 

Why does this happen? If I have trouble in my inner-ear or brain, I should feel dizziness in my room and hear tinnitus every time. My dizziness may be caused by reacting to visual stimulations, and tinnitus also caused by responding to sound stimuli. Hence, when my brain functions are highly activated, responding to provocations becomes extremely sensitive, and dizziness or tinnitus would happen as side effects. 

How to cure these? Probably I have concentrated on overthinking; I have a deadline for paper submission, but no progresses, and I have to develop my sound program for the art event as soon as possible, but not easy, etc. 

So do I need to relax or taking time for meditating? 


Brain activity is like that of a young monkey in the wild. If you play with them, they will take advantage of you. So, don't worry about it and just ignore it. I remember when I was in elementary school and a friend of mine was being harassed by a bully, he completely ignored the bully, saying, "I can't live if I care. Worrying and caring is just a side effect of brain activity. Especially when the brain is active with creative activities, the side effects are greater. You just have to ignore that stuff. On the contrary, since your brain is active, you can be more and more creative.